Diary of an EVO Part 1

Aug 10, 02:21 PM by Nicolas Lim

It all started on a warm evening in Singapore at the end of 2005. I was in the market to purchase a performance Japanese saloon, preferably a 2.0L turbo. It was by chance that I met my father’s friend who was selling his EVO 6 as he was going onto bigger and better things (a BMW 6 series, an EVO IX and a Ferrari F430- all at the one go!!!)

This EVO 6 was used extensively in Autocross events in Singapore. Darren put the car back to stock. What struck me about the car was the colour and the chassis preparation that was already done and would save us on having to do a lot of that.

The car’s colour (secret paint scheme :-D) suited the company’s colours down to a T. It was striking and would draw attention wherever the car was going. As the car was only recently painted, it was decided that the car would be shipped to Dublin in a container to prevent parts of the car being damaged in the process.

Here she is as she was unloaded from the container in Dec 2005.

Modifications to this car soon started in 2006. Appointed the distributor of Apexi products in this region, we decided to use this car as the vehicle to launch the Apexi products in this region. It was a car that was affordable, with no shortage of modifications available for it. The initial plan was to see how much abuse a standard engine could take. We would try to keep as much of the car in house as possible

Couture Auto EVO 6 Version 1 – Apexi D Jetro Power FC – Apexi AVCR Boost Controller – Apexi Isamu RX6 Turbocharger kit – ATS Carbonetics triple carbon clutch kit with CCM Flywheel – ARP rod bolts

Some of these parts are still in use in the car today namely the Power FC, AVCR, Turbocharger and same Triple carbon clutch kit. In spite of numerous competitors choosing more advanced engine management systems.

A performance company (that will remain unnamed) based in the Southeast was contracted to do the build.

Testing in Mondello showed that the car was indeed competitive in spite of the standard engine.

The first Time Attack event in Mondello in 2006 was where we debuted the car. It was pipped to the finish by .01 of a second by Kenny Wylie in a heavily modified EVO4. That was certainly promising for a first outing for this car.

Events conspired against the car. Whilst driving it on the road, the car’s bottom end decided to let go. We had setup our own garage by then and realised that having other people build our cars was not going to be the way forward as quality control was something that we couldn’t take into account. It seemed like dark days ahead for the project.

Stay tuned for more…