Supercharged 350Z + UTEC

Mar 3, 05:37 PM by Nicolas Lim

Most of you who read MIJ will be familiar with this Supercharged Z that graced the covers of that magazine in the November 2008 issue.

Spec :

VQ35DE engine – stock
Invidia Exhaust
Kinetix high flow catalytic converters
APS High capacity Oil Sump
APS High Volume Intake Manifold
UTEC Engine management with MAP sensor conversion

When we initially got the car, the way the supercharger belt ran was not a very good design and slipped once it started making power. Tensioning the belt further didn’t seem to do very much either.

It made a 304 HP flywheel, 250 wheel HP and 297 ftlb flywheel torque initially with boost not going any higher than 0.2 bar.

We managed to come up with a solution to this by installing 2 idler pulleys either side of the main supercharger pulley to keep the belt under tension and allow the supercharger to make boost.

Once this was fixed, she made 360 flywheel horsepower on the dyno with 310 ftlb flywheel torque.

We proceeded with the install of the UTEC system and plumbed the MAP sensor into the boost lines. The UTEC also has an option of switchable maps.

With this setup, the car ran the following numbers in Shoot 6F mode

403.9 flywheel HP est
346 ftlb flywheel torque
337.3 wheel HP

on the high setting


382.7 flywheel HP est
337 ftlb flywheel torque
318.9 wheel HP

on the low setting.

It is an absolute handful on the road.